Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning In Brampton, Mississauga, GTA

We have a reputation for providing the top quality and the best carpet cleaning service. Trust us as all of our customers have enjoyed our best  encapsulation carpet cleaning, serving Mississauga, Brampton, oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and surrounding areas. Cleaning is done or supervised by IICRC certified technicians.

To get your carpet truly clean, you need a professional deep-cleaning service. That’s where we come in. Our strong customer service, efficient and professional work and reasonable pricing combine to put a smile on the faces of our customers .

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning:

We use the ‘Encapsulation Cleaning System’ to give you the best results, which involves effectively surrounding each tiny dirt particle with acrylic-polymer barrier, which separates it from other dirt parties and also stops it from further reacting with your precious carpet-fibres/flooring and then drawing the particles up to the surface where they are captured and removed. This method is approved by all major carpet mills, and could be the perfect option for your commercial grade olefin, polyester or nylon surfaces.

Machine brushes penetrates deep into the carpet fiber to remove deeply embedded soil and transform dull and muted carpets and restore their vibrant beauty. Let us show you how we can give your old carpet a new lease on life.

We make carpet problems disappear ….dries fast…

environmentally sound

You can be rest assured that TrueKlean will give your carpets the attention that they need to come out clean and smelling fresh. Depending on the type of carpeting you have, we can offer the most affordable carpet cleaning to keep your carpet looking its best.

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fibers restored
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dolphus S
dolphus S
These people are the Bomb very polight very friendly and very professional at what they're doing they gave me the best carpit cleaning service ever highly recommended
Fahd Ansari
Fahd Ansari
Amazing job and courteous staff.
Udhey Makhni
Udhey Makhni
Amazing job!! Came on time !
husky rider
husky rider
Just had these two gentleman out to my home today to steam my tiled floors and I'm thoroughly impressed with their work. What a difference this has made. THANK YOU!!
Salman Rizvi
Salman Rizvi
Was very impressed with the tiles and grout. My whole house looks new! Machines are all top of the line and within hours my tiles looked new. My grout was really dark before, and afterwards they got lighter by mor than 95% Great quality service! Highly recommend anyone to call ...
Muhammad Sharif
Muhammad Sharif
Perfect we are so happy with the work done by this company our carpet looks great and tiles and grout are clean and shiny. Highly recommended they deserve more than 5 stars.
Ahmad Faraz
Ahmad Faraz
Good job , very professional.
Arshad Shafi
Arshad Shafi
We called this company to clean our office carpet which was more than dirty, but we are amazed to see the results, I can only say WOW I strongly recommend to use TrueKlean
Sebastian Da Graca
Sebastian Da Graca
They cleaned our carpets and we are very satisfied
Saby Makkar
Saby Makkar
Found on kjiji and got carpet and grout cleaning. Carpet cleaning is really good. High traffic black spots are disappeared after cleaning. Grout cleaning is also good.

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